Thursday, November 7, 2013

Teaching in Spanish

Darin and his friend Randie Hyer. She is serving in 
Dear Mom and Emma,
Hey! So today was pretty crazy. Our Spanish teacher, Hermano Rock, told us to study the 1st lesson and stuff and then teach it to each other in Spanish. So, we did. The 1st lesson is about the restoration. We taught each other and felt good about it. and then Brother Rock told us to grab our Spanish scriptures because we were going to teach invetigaors which we were caught off guard about. So, he takes us to the room ad our investigators are the missionaries from Mexico! They live in the US but are fluent in English and Spanish. We also had to teach these 2 sisters. Well Elder Sheppard doesnt know hardly any Spanish so I had to talk for the whole 20 mins about the restoration. I have only been here a week and 3 days.  There were a few words I didnt know and they helped me with but other tha that it was good. The spirit was definately there and helped me with things to say. I thine we got some good practice because they are natives and speak fast and slur. I had to concentrate really hard. I understood about 3/4 of what they said. One of the sisters is going to Guadalajara which is cool. Today was a good spirit filled day. 
I love you Mom. I love you Emma
Love Elder Bradshaw

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