Thursday, November 7, 2013

Last Few Days of the MTC

November 4th 2013

Dear Mom and Emma,
How was Halloween? They didnt really do much here for Halloween. They just gave us caramel apples. haha! But, they already have Christmas lights up over at the main campus. Sadly, we arent on main campus so we dont see them very oftern. I saw Tiffany yesterday at our Sunday devotional. We took our picture together with our companions but it was a bit dark.
I got my travel plans. I will leave the MTC the night of the 11th and fly out at 12:35 am on the 12th. So, I can call home from the airport but Im not sure what time. I land in Atlanta then fly to Honduras. I will get there around 3pm. There is no time change so that will stay the same.
So, everything is good here. I would rather just go to Honduras now but I have 8 more days. Im getting better at understanding the Mexican kids when they talk and I ca carry on a conversation now. It's not always the correct grammar but they understand me. Ive heard the rest just comes with time and being surrounded by it. Bit, it is fun. I enjoy it. I mostly understand when I read it except for the Bible or the Book of Mormon. hahha! There are a lot of words I dont know and they use the formal and weird forms of verbs. There is only one conjegation we dont use because they only use it in Spain but they use it in the scriptures so we have to learn it. And, we use the "usted" form of words because "tu" is too informal and in some situations can be considered flirtatious! haha So, as missionaries we say usted wich is dard because I am used to responding to "how are you" with Bien, Y tu? from Mexico.
What are you guys going to do for Thanksgiving without me? I wont be able to have Thanksgiving because I will be in Honduras! So, eat lots of turkey for me! And pumpkin pie. And then Christmas is a month away!!!! Yay!! Emma, are you excited for Santa? How exciting. Lights and Christmas trees  and snow and candy and parites and movies and games and puzzles and hot chocolate! You should send me some hot chocolate. And dont forget to put my ornaments on the Christmas tree. So mom tells me you have been a good missionary. Keep it up Emma. Heavenly Father gives us all of these things that make us happy like families. and flowers and butterflies and snow and animals and everything because he loves us. So, share with everyone that you can. We are supposed to help each other feel happy and how can they be truly happy if they dont know. So, keep it up Emma! I love you. Heavenly Father loves you. Mom loves you. Dad loves you, and share your smile and happiness with everyone. I love you guys and miss you so much.
Love Elder Bradshaw

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