Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey guys!! Well this week went good. We had 5 baptisms!!! Yay!!! I baptized 3 of them. I baptized Sandi and her son Denis, and then I baptized Nestor. We had a good week with the baptisms and it was pretty hectic. We have some baptisms for this weekend also but those will be requiring a little bit more faith. So pray for Kimberly and Anarda so that they can fix their problems to be baptized this weekend. We have been having a hard time finding some new people, but our stake is doing something this week where there needs to be 100 investigators in sacrament meeting this Sunday. So hopefully the members will do their part. That is the most frustrating part of the missionary work, is when the members don't do their part. How many sets of missionaries are in your ward?? Are they sisters or elders?? Well this week will be an even better week. I miss you guys and love you. I have a little bit less than 6 months left. Crazy :P the time goes by waaaay fast... A young woman in our ward just got her mission call yesterday so we went this morning to find out where shes going and shes going to Nicaragua in May. I remember when I was in that position. haha! But now Im coming closer and closer to the end. Changes are next Tuesday. I highly doubt that we will be changed but anything could happen. Love you guys!! I remember I wanted to lose my tooth at school so I could get a tooth necklace too! hahahaha! Shes my sister!!! ;) Tell her I love her and miss her and give her a big hug!! Love you!!!!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

17 Months!!!

This week was pretty good. We have 15 people with a baptismal date all for march, or the first week in April. Its pretty crazy! We were finding people all over the place!!! This week we are going to focus on keeping all of them ready for baptism and focus on helping them complete all of their goals. I hope you all had a good week. I miss you and love you guys!! Today is 17 months on the mission! :P Crazy!!! Ive been away for 17 months!! It sure doesnt seem that long. Next month, I will be completing a sisters mission. Haha. Tiffany will be at home by that time. Its crazy how fast time flies all the time. Sometimes you want it to speed up and other times you want it to slow down. How is everything going on there?? Is everything going good? Well I dont really have much to say... haha! We are going to play soccer today with the zone. It should be pretty fun. I will have to take some pictures and send them next week! haha. Well have a good week!!! Love you and miss you guys!! Be good Emma!! And Emma, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years old!!!!! Youre getting old!!!!! :) Have mom buy you something good for your birthday from me ;) haha. I wish I was there to be with you for your birthday, but next year! Next year you get baptized!! Wow!! Are you excited?? I am! Well have a good week Emma! Love you!!!!