Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8th 2013

Hey mom!!! Hey Emma!!! How are you guys?! :) Things have been going great here! I leave on Monday night!!!!! Yay!!! Thanks for sending me my Christmas presents already!!! :) WHats in it??? ;) haha! So Elder Sheppard is going to Ogden Utah. Spanish speaking. Elder Ceran and Elder Leatham are going to Mexico City Northwest. Sister Little is going to Idaho Falls and Idaho falls temple visitors center Spanish Speaking. Sister Condie is going to Mexico City Northwest and Sister Williamson is going to Vancouver Canada Spanish Speaking... The thing I am going to miss the most about the MTC is definitely the food. I was told yesterday that some places in Honduras eat dog. haha! BUT I heard from Elder Ceran that his uncle ate dog soup and it tastes even better than beef soup! haha! So Im not too worried about the weird foods. Just some chicken legs and dog soup. haha! Yummy!!! But Im ready. I just want to go. haha. I'm too cooped up in the MTC... I want to actually do something, not just go to classes. The best way to learn the language is to just be put into it. haha! I just hope ill be able to pick it up quick!... Ill be the only one traveling. I am also my own group leader. haha! Everybody else is either leaving before me or after me. I will be in the airport at night till one in the morning! haha! Sounds fun to me! I am going to try to put pictures on today! I have my camera so I am going to go do that real quick! Love you guys!!!! :) 

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