Thursday, November 7, 2013

1st Week

Dear Mom and Emma,
Hey! Well its been a week and a day sice Ive been here at the MTC! So far its been good. Best part is definately the Spanish. Just kidding its the food! And yes, Emma, I live in an apartment with three other missionaries. It's Halloween here too but they didn't decorate here...sorry Emma! We've taught 3 lessons in Spanish so far and committed the investigator to baptism after the 3rd one. I feel like it is weird teaching someone who's already a member because we still treat them like a non-member. But  one of the goals of missionary work is to perfect the saints. So, even if we aren't really baptising her, she feels the spirit and we are still telling her things she may need to hear.
Elder Sheppard is my companion. The there is Elder Leatham from Ashton, Idaho and Elder Ceran from Eagle Mountain, Utah. 6 years ago Elder Ceran's family was driving home from a Christmas party on Christmas Eve and they got hit by a drunk driver and it killed his mom and older brother and younger sister. Last year they did a Mormon Message on him and his family. So, if you go to and in the search bar type in "we are still a family" his video will come up. His name is Caleb Ceran.
Well we are going to lunch so I have to go. I love you guys and miss you.
Love, Elder Bradshaw

We are Still a Family

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