Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 1 in Honduras

So I am in Honduras now and we are in a city that feels more like a village called Ciudad España. Its pretty nice! My companions name is Elder Lasley and he is from Iowa. We have started teaching a man named German, and we have only talked to him about prophets yet. We were supposed to talk to him yesterday but he wasn't there he was working. I am going to send you a letter today. I cant get letters except through the mission office. Sorry. Everything is good here tho! I haven't eaten anything strange yet! haha. Just beans and rice and tortillas and eggs. Everyone is surprised I haven't gotten sick yet. haha. Apparently everyone gets sick their first two days, but I haven't gotten sick yet. Now that I say that I probably will get sick soon. haha. But yeah. Everything is pretty calm here. I wont be able to get on next week because we have to stay inside our house Saturday, Sunday, and Monday because of the elections. Even tho chances are our little area wont get to exciting. No one is allowed outside those days. Except for an hour on Sunday for sacrament meeting and then go straight back home. So I will just be cleaning and stuff for three days. haha! yay! The Spanish is going alright. I can understand more and more everyday but I can really talk very well. Im still working on it. But everything is good. I like it here. Its not too hot and its not cold. But we will see what the rest of the year has for weather. Our town is about 30 minutes out of tegucigalpa and we have to take the bus in to town. We only go in like once a week for shopping on pdays. Which is ok. We can get most everything in our little town. Right now we are emailing in the church in Tegucigalpa. It is quite a bit like Mexico. I think maybe a little dirtier. I dont really remember. I like it here tho! Its pretty crazy in the city, but in our town its pretty laid back. We actually have a hot water shower (kind of) and our house is a good size. It rains a couple times a week. The weather is nice. The hardest part is just the language. But that will take some time. I hope you guys are doing well! I miss you guys and love you! Have fun Emma! be good! Learn lots! Write me lots!

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