Monday, December 30, 2013

Time is going Fast!

Hey so this week has been good!! We had a baptism yesterday!! A 21 year old guy named Elvin. Now his sister wants to get baptized. haha. Yeah everything is going good this week!!! The time is going by quick!! Its crazy! It was nice to be able to talk to you guys this week! Emma is still Emma :) haha cute as ever. Not much has really happened... Pretty uneventful week. haha! So I hope everything is going good! I hope you guys are safe!

*Here are some pictures that Darin sent with this email. I love how he drinks coke from a bag!! We used to do that in Mexico (except is was Fanta) so that brought back memories!
Cuidad Espania

Baptism of Elvin

Elvins family. His sisters son showed up in his underwear!
Coke in a bag!

Friday, December 27, 2013

First Christmas

This week was pretty good! Did you get all of the pictures I sent last week?? Sorry this switched to italics and im not sure how I did that. haha! But yeah this week was good and pretty uneventful. We have a baptism for this Saturday!Hopefully we will be able to do it still because he didnt come to church this week because he had to work unexpectadely but he is really ready and stuff. So we will probably baptize him anyways. haha we have to make sure we can. I got your package!!! Finally!!!! haha! Thank you!!!!!!!!! Im definitely going to have to eat everything. haha. I got it like exactly a month after you sent it. I got it at our Christmas party. So when you said you were looking for me in the video, Im not sure that was our zones. There were two Christmas parties because theres so many missionaries. I did say Merry Christmas tho. haha! Im not sure if they got it on camera or not. It was on stage, I said it in English, someone said it in portugese, someone said it in spanish, and then someone said it in samoan. We watched Despicable Me 2 haha! In English!!!! Well I hope you guys have a good Christmas! Have fun and be safe! Thanks for the email Emma :) haha Youre the silly one!! Have fun opening your presents this year and the Christmas party! Eat lots of candy and stuff 
for me! Love you guys!!!!!

The Christmas Tree!!!

Frozen Banana



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

115 Missionaries Strong

Not sure where Darin is in this picture...Im assuming he made it to the party!

Monday, December 16, 2013

First Baptism

This week was insane. A brother in our branch was hit by a bus at work Tuesday Morning and died. So we went to the viewing that night, and the funeral the next day. We're pretty close with his family so we have been spending a lot of time with them this week and it is helping them. So the Baptism Saturday, was of Josue. His best friend who ended up doing the Baptism is the son of the guy who died Tuesday. SO everybody at the baptism was directly related to him. Our branch president is his son in law. But they were all smiling and having a good time. It was really great to see how the spirit can help those in need when it is needed. So the baptism was great. We baptized him in the river outside the city in the forest. haha. When Brian (son of Martin, the guy who died) brought Josue out of the water, he fell down. haha. SO they ended up both being wet. Brian is about 17 and Josue is about 16.

Last night we were teaching a guy the second time and he basically bore us his testimony of the church. And so nows hes getting baptized the 28th of December!!!!! Crazy! haha! Well I will send some pictures (or try). So I will have to go! I love you guys! I hope things are going good! I still havent gotten your package :( Anyways. Love you guys! Be good Emma!!!!

My first tortilla! Didnt come out quite like a honduran lady would make it but its still good!    

Our transportation to the city.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Evaluation of New Missionaries

I absolutely LOVE that the mission president keeps a blog! It is so great to be able to see pictures of Darin as well as the other missionaries that he works with. What a wonderful sight they are!

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hey guys!! So how was your Thanksgiving? It sounds like it was great! My Thanksgiving dinner, was chicken neck soup with hearts and lungs. haha. It wasn't that bad. You just et the neck like ribs. haha. So everything is good here. It is coming up to the middle of hurricane season so its always cloudy and rainy and stuff. I got asked but an old drunk lady if she could kiss me. haha! We told her no. I made tortillas for the first time yesterday! We ate lunch at a members house and she taught us to make tortillas. They were delicious. haha.

So we have 2 serious investigators, and one family. The others want to hear the message, they're just never there when we go. One is a man named Juan, and the other a 16 year old boy named Josue.. The family we just met and the wife has lymphoma and so she wants to know why God puts trials in her life. we showed her Ether 12 and a little bit about the plan of salvation. We explained to her that trials are for our benefit and Heavenly Father uses them to lift us up. Sometimes its not in this life, we receive those blessings in the next. I love you guys much!!! I haven't seen any nativity scenes here. haha. So I wouldn't know. Love you!!!