Monday, June 15, 2015


Well our investigator Lurbin will be getting baptized on Saturday with her little brother finally!!! Me and one of the zone leaders and a member sat her down and we gave her a good talking to. haha. She said she was going to get baptized before I would leave the area but then I told her it would be better if she just got baptized as soon as possible. So she did what she had to do and then she has been telling us she needs to buy new clothes and stuff. haha! So she is definitely ready!! That was the best thing that happened this week. Other than the week was pretty normal. We found some more people and we are getting ready for changes next week. Chances are I will be leaving here and going to a different area. I miss you guys!! Emma looks cute with no teeth :) hahaha. Tell everyone I said hi and that I miss them! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!! Happy Birthday coming up mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being the best mom ever!!! 

Monday, June 8, 2015


The tree is right by the main building! :P You should have just asked somebody. haha! I remember TRC. Except we had to do it in Spanish :P haha. It would have been nice to do it in English. But now I could go back and do it without a problem. haha. This week was good. We have the same investigators that are progressing slowly but surely. We are trying everything we can with them. They just each have their own problems. But everything will turn out in the end. One of them should be getting baptized on the 13. We have faith! haha. She has some pretty big problems. But she can get over them. If she has the will and faith to change she will do it. She has been coming to church for the past 6 weeks. Everything is going fine here. Still haven't bought my camera cause there's no where to buy it from. Well miss you guys and love you!!! Hae a great week!!! Things are going good here. I have a new companion. Elder Linsenmann from Saint Marys Idaho. Yes we are both from Idaho!!! haha! Everyone cant believe it when we tell them we dont even live close to each other. haha. But we are making progress with some of the families we are teaching. He has just a s much time as elder Burnham, they were companions in the mtc, and to be honest, his Spanish is even worse.... haha. But its ok. Cause he at least tries to talk. He will be the one to start conversations and he will talk in the lessons which takes some of the weight off of my shoulders. But we both have the same interests and everything. But this is going to be a good change. I have 2 changes left after this one. So it is just working just as hard as ever. Its still hot as ever here. I havent been able to buy a camera yet cause here in Catacamas the cameras are waaaaaay too expensive. 150 dollars for a 70 dollar camera.... But I will just have to wait until I go to Tegucigalpa. I hope you have a great week!!! Love you guys and miss you!!! Tell Emma Hi for me!!! Give her a big hug and kiss for me!!! 


We went to the temple this week and i saw the Stake presidents wife from one of my old areas and she says they're not taking care of me enough here cause I look skinnier. haha. But I am doing just fine on the food and everything. But I haven't bought my camera yet cause we haven't had a chance to go to Tegucigalpa... I would like another package. haha! A package with some good food :) however by the time I get it I will probably be a month from being home. So send me a package with stuff like food and stuff for my companion whoever it will be. Cause Im sure I will get one that will have some time left so he could use some things Im sure. This week has been good. We have found some good families to teach just the wife is more mature than the husband..... I hate that... He wont make a decision for his family and cant see the importance of it. But we are going to show the family proclamation to the world. I think that will help. We had a run in with one of our investigators sisters that tells her and everyone else that we are from the devil. That it was a devil that appeared to Joseph Smith. We taught her lesson one with some rude interruptions by her but at the end I testified as a representative of Jesus Christ, she blocked out the spirit and I could tell that the spirit was testifying that it was true. She is just so hard hearted she doesn't want to change. Thats the hardest part of the mission is that people have the agency and they always reject the spirit. I love you guys and miss you!!!!! Have a great week!!!!! 


Well this week was fun!! Its been raining everyday here too. Its rainy season here so it rains constantly. Its raining right now!! haha. Well not much to report on this week. Just one story :) We are teaching this family where the man has no arms yet he still drives and does everything else a normal person can and I am always amazed. His wife wants nothing to do with us, and she doesn't even want to get married to him so he can get baptized. He tells us he knows its true and its Christs church but he cant get baptized cause hes living with her. Their 12 year old son was baptized about 2 years ago, and last week started going to church again. This week we started his process of him receiving the Aaronic Priesthood. They have a 10 year old daughter that was too young to be baptized but we have started teaching her. SHe has a neighbor named Lessi who is extremely evangelical and is the sister of one of our investigators. She thinks we are from Satan and even burned the Book of Mormon. So we are always having to help our investigator understand that shes in apostasy haha. Anyways the little girls name is Breezy. Lessi tells her were from the devil and we worship Joseph Smith and all the reasons why our church is wrong. We have tried and tried and tried to show Lessi its false but she is too hard hearted. We told Breezy to pray and ask God if she needs to get baptized in our church and so she did. We came back the next day and she said she prayed and she got an answer! I asked her what the answer was and she said that God told her that yes, and that she shouldn't listen to Lessi. hahaha. We were like, YES!!!! haha. I loved it!! Then Lessi came by right after that and she was like "Lessi, Im getting baptized with your brother!!!" and Lessi got angry and now she wont even say hi to us. haha. Its kind of sad but hey. She has her agency. But this week has been great. I miss you guys and love you so much!!! I will make sure they send it to you.  haha. Well I hope you all have a great week!!!! Love you!!!!