Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 Weeks Down

Darin ran into his cousin Ashley at the MTC. She works in the cafeteria.

Dear Mom and Emma,
They sent all the Spanish people to the West campus. Idk why because its smaller and theres too many Spanish speakers. They were going to move the Russian speakers and stuff and then at the last minute they decided to just move Spanish. for no apparent reason. Until they get more numbers. Then theyre going to move the Spanish back and move the Russian speakers back over here.... Idk why... Some of the things they do make no sense. Its annoying because our apartments are college dorm rooms on college campus. So theres college students every where. And then our classes are over in Raintree which are old dorms. So our class is in an old apartment. So its really tiny and we have to cram 8 people with desks into one little tiny old bedroom... and it gets hot and just ugh... And no I am not really a fun sucker :P haha. My district just gets way off task way too easily so i try to remind them that theyre supposed to be studying and theyre being too loud because theres other classes and Im trying to study then they get mad at me. haha. Im just like ok. I usually just go into the other room until my companion gets mad at me for not being right next to him, even tho I have permission to do it cause its like 2 feet away. haha. But other than that its ok... Im nice to everyone and dont complain or anything and do what Im supposed to. I dont have much time left in the MTC.  We got 2 new districts Wednesday and one of them is the fluent Spanish speakers. So me and Elder Sheppard are zone leaders over 40 people. Its crazy. I dont know how to get my companion to things on time... haha! He just takes him time on everything. lol. He has his heart in the right place and wants to get there on time hes just like Shawn! The fact that he has a British accent makes it worse because everyone wants to talk to him. haha. So the past 2 weeks weve been getting in our apartment like 30 minutes past what we want to and so we dont have time for hardly anything. Ive talked to him about it and he tries just sometimes he forgets... And I try to remind him but everyone is always louder and less of a good influence on him. haha! I just get frustrated sometimes.  :P I suggest something and they decide no and then after they always say they should have listened to me... haha. But its ok. Im nice about it. Im humble about it. It just gets frustrating after a couple weeks... I try to speak up and suggest the thing that would be the most efficient and time manageable but for some reason they never like my ideas :P haha! Which is ok. It just means we dont have as much time to do the things we all want to do and still do the things we NEED to do... Ive definitely been a lot better already at time management. Having a schedule really helps as long as everyones on the same page. But everythings good! I still love it and still have fun and still learn lots. The Spanish is good and gets a little bit easier. I still probably wont learn hardly anything until I actually get out there. Well I GTG. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

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