Thursday, November 7, 2013

Darins Letter to Emma

Darin had mentioned in a previous post that he had a feeling to write Emma a letter just for her. She has been sick and having some tests at the hospital. He was in tune to know that his sister needed him. I told Darin that Emma has been going around telling EVERYONE we come in contact with that her brother is on a mission. I will share a few things from Darins letter to Emma. He was impressed that she is talking to everyone about his mission and encouraged her to tell everyone that God loves them because this is the message that the missionaries are taking to all of the world. He wanted her to know how much God loves her and that she is his daughter and he knows her. He told her to keep doing missionary work while he is gone. Emma has been telling everyone now that her brother is on a mission and that he is teaching everyone how much God loves them and knows them. It is very cute how she is so bold and unafraid. If only we could be the same way. I think this is one reason why we are told to become as a child.  Darins letter to Emma was very tender and it made her cry. She misses him so much.

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