Monday, June 8, 2015


We went to the temple this week and i saw the Stake presidents wife from one of my old areas and she says they're not taking care of me enough here cause I look skinnier. haha. But I am doing just fine on the food and everything. But I haven't bought my camera yet cause we haven't had a chance to go to Tegucigalpa... I would like another package. haha! A package with some good food :) however by the time I get it I will probably be a month from being home. So send me a package with stuff like food and stuff for my companion whoever it will be. Cause Im sure I will get one that will have some time left so he could use some things Im sure. This week has been good. We have found some good families to teach just the wife is more mature than the husband..... I hate that... He wont make a decision for his family and cant see the importance of it. But we are going to show the family proclamation to the world. I think that will help. We had a run in with one of our investigators sisters that tells her and everyone else that we are from the devil. That it was a devil that appeared to Joseph Smith. We taught her lesson one with some rude interruptions by her but at the end I testified as a representative of Jesus Christ, she blocked out the spirit and I could tell that the spirit was testifying that it was true. She is just so hard hearted she doesn't want to change. Thats the hardest part of the mission is that people have the agency and they always reject the spirit. I love you guys and miss you!!!!! Have a great week!!!!! 

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