Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hey guys! So changes are supposed to be this Wednesday but I'm not sure if I will be switching areas or even companions.  This next change is my companions last so he might just keep us together or we will get split up. We will find out tomorrow. This week we found some new people! A family of a husband and wife with a baby on the way, and a 16 or 17 year kid named Jordy. Jordy is very proactive and asks when we can teach him. Last night we were going to show him the 20 minute video of the restoration at a members house but we got there and he said he wanted to watch the longer one! haha, So we watched the newer Joseph Smith movie which is a lot better. He even brought his two friends with them!  Lately I have been reading Jesus the Christ (I read 100 something pages the other day haha) and It is really cool. I'm not sure why its not considered scripture... haha! It gives a lot of insight to the parables and the life of not only Jesus Christ but the apostles tambien. It is a really good book! I would encourage you to read it. Even tho it is long and looks intimidating, the trick is to get lost in it and mark things as you read. It gives you a whole new look on the Savior. Even if you've already read it, its a book that you learn something new from every time.... Miss you guys! Love you!!! I hope all is good! All is good here! Bye!!! Love you! Be good Emma!!!!

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