Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17th

Cerro Grander in Tegucigalpa

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Hey guys! So this week nothing much happened. We didnt baptize Jordy
because he told us he hasnt been smoking or drinking coffee or
anything but we saw him smoking and stuff. So we are hoping for this
week to go a lot better with him. We can teach him all we want but if
he doesnt want to change he doesnt have to. They put up cell towers at
the national penitentiary to block cell signals from going in and out
of the prison. But they decided to just put up giant towers that end
up taking cell service away from the valley. So there is no cell
service at all in Ciudad EspaƱa or in Zambrano or anywhere in between
or a little part of Tegucigalpa. So we cant call anyone because the
phone on our house is just a giant cell phone. The really stupid thing
is that its permanent. Were just wondering why dont they just take
away the phones from the prisoners?????? That would be the easiest
solution..... But here they have to complicate things. Elder Lasley
goes home in march. So I will be with him when he ends. I wont get a
new area till maybe a couple months. Ill be with Elder Lasley then a
new person and depending if Im training him or not will depend on how
long I will be in this area. Training is 12 weeks long. So I will be
in this area for at least a quarter of my mission. Which I really dont
mind because I like it. I went on interchanges this week with the zone
leaders again and I went to Cerro Grande this time which is a section
of Tegucigalpa. It wasnt too bad. But I dont really like the big city
too much. I miss you guys and hope you are doing well! Emma, youre
silly!!!! haha! Love you guys!!!! Be good Emma!!!

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