Friday, December 27, 2013

First Christmas

This week was pretty good! Did you get all of the pictures I sent last week?? Sorry this switched to italics and im not sure how I did that. haha! But yeah this week was good and pretty uneventful. We have a baptism for this Saturday!Hopefully we will be able to do it still because he didnt come to church this week because he had to work unexpectadely but he is really ready and stuff. So we will probably baptize him anyways. haha we have to make sure we can. I got your package!!! Finally!!!! haha! Thank you!!!!!!!!! Im definitely going to have to eat everything. haha. I got it like exactly a month after you sent it. I got it at our Christmas party. So when you said you were looking for me in the video, Im not sure that was our zones. There were two Christmas parties because theres so many missionaries. I did say Merry Christmas tho. haha! Im not sure if they got it on camera or not. It was on stage, I said it in English, someone said it in portugese, someone said it in spanish, and then someone said it in samoan. We watched Despicable Me 2 haha! In English!!!! Well I hope you guys have a good Christmas! Have fun and be safe! Thanks for the email Emma :) haha Youre the silly one!! Have fun opening your presents this year and the Christmas party! Eat lots of candy and stuff 
for me! Love you guys!!!!!

The Christmas Tree!!!

Frozen Banana



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