Monday, December 16, 2013

First Baptism

This week was insane. A brother in our branch was hit by a bus at work Tuesday Morning and died. So we went to the viewing that night, and the funeral the next day. We're pretty close with his family so we have been spending a lot of time with them this week and it is helping them. So the Baptism Saturday, was of Josue. His best friend who ended up doing the Baptism is the son of the guy who died Tuesday. SO everybody at the baptism was directly related to him. Our branch president is his son in law. But they were all smiling and having a good time. It was really great to see how the spirit can help those in need when it is needed. So the baptism was great. We baptized him in the river outside the city in the forest. haha. When Brian (son of Martin, the guy who died) brought Josue out of the water, he fell down. haha. SO they ended up both being wet. Brian is about 17 and Josue is about 16.

Last night we were teaching a guy the second time and he basically bore us his testimony of the church. And so nows hes getting baptized the 28th of December!!!!! Crazy! haha! Well I will send some pictures (or try). So I will have to go! I love you guys! I hope things are going good! I still havent gotten your package :( Anyways. Love you guys! Be good Emma!!!!

My first tortilla! Didnt come out quite like a honduran lady would make it but its still good!    

Our transportation to the city.

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