Monday, August 24, 2015

Elder Russell M Nelson

Hey guys!! We had some success this week!! The wife of the family came to church with her daughter!! The guy was working... So he didnt go... But she said she liked it! We have a Family Home Evening with them on wednesday in a members house so we will be talking about eternal families. Hopefully they will see the importance of it. I met some people from Ogden yesterday in church. haha. They announced there was a family from Utah and so I went and sat by them. They were thr visiting his family. This week Elder Russell M Nelson came to our mission. We got to shake his hand and meet the are 70 also. It was a big multi mission conference. It was our mission, and the Tegucigalpa mission that were thre in the sam building, and then they sent it by satlite to missions in Guatemala, Beliz, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and the San Pedro Sula missions here in Honduras. Me and my companion were about 8 rows back from the front :) haha! But it was really cool! Just want to share something I found kind of crazy that he did. 4 elders from the Tegucigalpa mission sang a song, and they didnt even mention their names. So when he got up he called one elder up BY NAME and told him to bring his companion and as they were walking up he called his companion by name too.... And the only time he saw our names out of all 400 missionaries was when we shook his hand for 5 seconds!!! It was crazy!! At the end he made an Apostolic Promise to us that we would all finish our missions safely ad with success and return home to our families and continue having success. It was a pretty cool experience. Im not sure who pays bags I will ask this week. I love you guys and miss you!!!! Have a great week!!! 

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