Monday, August 11, 2014


Hi guys!! I hope you had a good week. 
Im glad you had fun at the derby Emma!! Was it fun chasing the pig?? :) I bet! I wish I was there to watch it and help you catch it! Maybe next time! You got a trophy for baseball?! Cool! Have you seen my trophies from baseball?? I have a couple of them. Are you going to keep playing baseball? You should! Cause its the best sport in the whole world!!! I miss you emma!! Well this week wasnt anything too exciting... Besides the fact that we have an investigator that is a theologian. He studied theology and the bible and other sacred records for 20 years, and now the Jews are wanting to fly him to Jerusalem for 3 years to teach him more.  Anyways, he got the BOM 10 years ago, and read all of it about 4 times. His wifes dad had a heart attack a couple years ago, and they are all members except for him, so the ward came over to their house with a truck load of food and stuff like that. He told his wife that if any Mormons ever come knocking on the door, they're opening it and letting them in... Well a couple months ago the missionaries knocked on his door and they came in and started teaching him. And now he is going to get baptized! He was supposed to be baptized this Saturday, but we are going to baptize him with his wife on the 30th. But he talks and talks and talks so we cant really ever teach anything. But when he first started out, we could tell that he just like the doctrine of the church and agreed with the church on pretty much every issue. And he came to church and loved the sacrament and the reverence and the people and everything. So we have been focusing not on the doctrine so much, but praying and focusing on the spirit. He told us he doesnt like to pray cause he feels like he is just talking to open air, but little by little he has come around. He prays when we ask him, and he told us he prays once a day. haha. But most importantly, he said that when he first started to read the BOM the first 4 times, he never really felt anything. It was just like reading any other sacred record. But once we started telling him to focus on how he feels and to pray, he told us that he feels peace when he reads it, and he feels the same when were there and when he goes to church. It is just a story about the power of the Holy Ghost. That it isnt anyone who converts people, its the spirit. Well I love you guys and miss you!!! I hope you have a good week and be good and have fun, and be safe!!! I love you!!! 

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