Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey there guys! This week has been pretty good!! We worked hard as usual, and we are preparing for a baptism this Saturday! Nery, and her two daughters. They have been looking for the truth for a while but they finally found it a couple weeks ago! haha. The week after that, we have a marriage, and a baptism! They get married the 25th, and baptized the 26th! Then the third of may we have another marriage, and baptism! Eddy and Carla are getting married and their two kids Melvin and Alisson are getting baptized with them! And We just started teaching Carlas mom and she will be getting baptized the same day! She had some doubts about the book of Mormon but we had a Bible session with her and now she tells us she knows its true.  Before, she felt the spirit but she just didnt want to believe it, but sometimes people just need an extra temporal push. We have so many pastors wanting to talk to us that weve gotten good at using the Bible. haha! Pretty much everything is in the Bible... Its really easy to see how pastors twist their words to get people to come. But everything's going good! Not sick yet. Feel fine. Weve been fed more this week than ever... This week one one day, we ate dinner 4 times... That sucked. But it wasnt bad. haha! ;) I dont mind food. Well I hope you guys have a good week! Be safe, have fun, tell Emma and Dad hi for me. Give Emma a big kiss from me and I love you guys!!!!!

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