Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27th

Hey guys! Not much happened this week. We did interchanges with our zone leaders and so I was with the one from Guatemala who didnt know English. haha. So I got to speak Spanish all day long which wasnt as bad as I thought! But we found some new people to teach, a couple families and so the only hard part now is getting them to be there for appointments. Thanks for sending me a care package :) haha! It doesnt have to be big. I love the little things! As long as there is a picture from Emma in there ;)  I am still in my training which is about to end next week so i will end up getting a new companion. Maybe Ill be getting a native! haha! Theres a pretty even mix of gringos and natives. haha. My district leaders keep teasing me that I will be training this change. haha. My Spanish isnt good enough for that yet. That kid is going to learn very little Spanish from me... haha! But everything is going good. I may or may not leave for this change Im not sure tho. If I do then ok cause I will get to see a different side of Honduras. Not that its not all the same... hahaha! Well I love you guys and miss you! Keep up the good work and Emma be good!!!

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